These Pimps ‘Put Metal In Their Penises To Make Rape More Painful’


When it comes to crime, I don’t really think there’s anything more abhorrent than rape. You have to be a certain kind of wrong to even think about committing something like that, but the guys in this article have surpassed that even tenfold as they’ve actually tried to make rape more painful for the man or woman involved.

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The Romanian brothers Cristian and Sebastian Sandulache ran a brothel out of Oviedo in Spain and have been charged with human trafficking, coercive prostitution, and money laundering as well as beating and raping women. They face a total of 600 years in prison for the catalogue of crimes that they have been accused of committing.

Perhaps the most shocking detail that has been revealed at their trial though is that the pair would actively put metal balls into their penises so that they would inflict more pain upon the women they were raping. They also forced women o eat Euros if they didn’t make enough money and once cut off a woman’s arm with a samurai sword when she tried to resist. Brutal.

The women were tricked by the brothers into believing that they were dating and then after heading out to Spain on holiday were beaten and raped and forced to work as prostitutes. The brothers apparently earned around £8000 a night from forcing the women in their captivity to act as prostitutes yet paid them only £175 every two weeks. They also regularly raped them themselves and they regularly became pregnant and were then forced to get abortions.

Quite what goes through your head to want to do something like that and act like this really is beyond me. No jokes in this one – let’s hope that these two pieces of shit go down for 600 years and all the money they’ve earned through exploitation is taken off them. Hopefully given to all the women who have had their lives ruined by them as well. Utterly despicable.

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