Someone’s Been Going Around Amsterdam Late At Night And Pimping People’s Cars With Cardboard

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Nailed it.

Everyone wishes that they could have a way better car than the one that they can actually afford and drive at the moment, and so one kind soul has been helping them to do that. Kinda.

No, it isn’t Xzibit (although Pimp My Ride was all a lie anyway), but a guy called Max Siedentopf from Amsterdam, who has decided to roam the streets of the city late at night with a bunch of cardboard and sellotape in order to pimp people’s old cars and take photographs of them. After that he slinks off into the night, whilst the owners of the cars presumably wake up, laugh for a couple of minutes and then get really pissed off that they have to rip all the cardboard so they’re not late for their shitty jobs. Their jobs are obviously shitty because they have such crappy cars, duh.

When asked why he was doing this, Max gave the following response:

Individuality, self-expression, and status are more important than ever these days.

But for some reason you see that things as ordinary as cars are getting personalized less and less, while it could be a strange but great form of self-expression.

I thought I’d do people a favor by giving them a custom-made supercar.

Deep. Although I don’t think that would work as well as Xzibit blasting out some gibberish if MTV were to bring Pimp My Ride back with Siedentopf as the host. Check out some of his pimped out cardboard creations in the slideshow below.

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