This Disgusting Pimp Tattooed Barcodes Onto The Women He Forced Into Prostitution

Pimp Barcode

When one of his girls tried to escape, he did the unthinkable.

Prostitution and human trafficking is a very big and very disgusting problem in the world unfortunately, but it seems like one guy wanted to make it even bleaker and more horrific as he actually tattooed barcodes onto his girls in a move that seems to indicate that a dystopian sci-fi future is even closer than we thought.

The unnamed Romanian man has now been jailed fro 44 years after a trail in Madrid. It was heard that he would often trick Romanian families – who were often illiterate and desperate – into letting their daughters travel to Spain where he would make them become prostitutes. Some were under 18.

To ensure their co-operation, he would tattoo barcodes and his name into their skin. Although that is horrendously bleak and cruel and would probably serve to crush your spirit even more than it already had been, I’m not sure if it’s such a good idea as it pretty much set him up to take the fall when he got caught. I mean how is he going to argue against that when he tattooed his fucking name onto the women he was pimping out?

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The sentencing judge said that the behaviour of the Romanian gang – 13 other people were arrested, including the pimp’s wife, daughter and other family member and they received sentences between one and third one years for their parts – was particularly abhorrent. He also reproached him for his ‘complacency in the suffering caused to the victims’, ‘satisfaction of perverse instincts, and intentionally causing unnecessary harm’, as well as ‘maximum pain and suffering’.

This was illustrated by the time one girl tried to escape but was caught. She was tied to a radiator in a room like the one pictured above for days without food, continuously beaten and had bleach rubbed in her face. This guy sounds like the absolute scum of the Earth and I’m stoked he’s going to prison. I hope he gets raped every day there.

Too bad he isn’t going to a Brazilian prison – we all know what happens there.


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