Pimp My Reich Is The Weirdest Video You’ll See On The Internet This Month

Pimp My Reich

It’s an episode of Pimp My Ride starring Adolf Hitler.

For some reason, somebody thought that it would be really funny to take the pun Pimp My Reich – obviously replacing Reich for Ride in the popular MTV show where Xzibit soups up people’s cars – and then make a two and a half minute short film based around the concept that makes absolutely no sense.

And I mean it makes absolutely no sense. I haven’t got a clue what’s going on in this video. Hitler shows up with someone in a pumped up muscle car, does a bunch of gak, races around partying and then gets involved with a street race against an anime character? At least I think that’s the plotline, take a look for yourself below.

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Well there you go? Perplexed still? Was Hitler actually Killin’ It? What possessed someone to actually spend a bunch of time making this? I don’t know but I’m glad they did. Kinda.

How does it stand up when compared to the 7 trippiest videos on the internet though?


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