Here’s The Moment A Pilot Fights A Drunk Passenger After He Attacks A Flight Attendant (VIDEO)

This pilot isn’t taking any shit.

An absolutely hammered passenger on board an American Airlines flight had to be taken down and restrained by the plane’s pilot this week after becoming a bit of a nuisance.

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Michael Kerr, 25, was trying to barge his way off the plane in a drunken rage, and after refusing to comply with protocol decided he’d shove the female flight attendant to the floor.

That’s when the pilot shows up and takes him down.

The funniest part has to be the drunk dude telling the pilot that he might look tough now for taking him down but he’s going to look REALLY stupid when this ends up on Facebook. Yeah OK mate, the hero pilot who saved the day is going to be the one looking stupid, not the guy who got too drunk and tried to force his way off a plane.

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