A Pilot Has Been Filmed Asleep At The Controls To His Boeing 747

Pilot Asleep

Look mom no hands!

People often discuss just what a pilot does when they’re flying a commercial airline as it often seems that they can just put it on autopilot and shag a air hostess or whatever if you believe what they see in the movies and this video kinda proves it as well.

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The video comes courtesy of a China Airlines co-pilot, who thought that it would be a good idea to film his pilot asleep at the controls of his Boeing 747. Spoiler alert – it’s not. The guy is apparently one of the most senior air pilots in the organisation and regularly flies to Tokyo, Okinawa, Seoul and Hong Kong from Taiwan. So yeah, even worse for everyone involved when your main dude is pulling shit like that isn’t it? Take a look at this.

I mean he probably knows the routes by heart and his co pilot is right there but even so this is pretty outrageous behaviour, especially after Air China pilots have recently been ons trike protesting against long working hours and fatigue. Probably why the video was released to be honest, but I imagine more awareness will be raised for the fact that pilots don’t really do anything rather than the fact that they need better working conditions. So it goes.

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