Pilot Congratulates Passengers During Flight For Drinking The Plane Dry Of Booze


Life goals.

I think we’re all guilty of hitting the booze hard on long haul flights. It’s free, it’s the only way to ease the crippling anxiety of flying and those tiny little bottles are just too damn cute.

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Passengers aboard a recent Southwest Airlines flight might have just taken it a step too far though, as they managed to quite literally drink the plane dry. The flight’s captain was so impressed with their alcoholic tendencies that he even sent out a special message to congratulate them.

On the flight from Oakland to Kansas City, the captain of the aircraft went over to the PA system to announce that they had consumed all of the booze or at least that’s what sports journalist Jimmy Durkin said:

The captain congratulated passengers for their achievement, which was accomplished during a 3 hr 20 min flight. Jesus, they weren’t even long haul. Fair play. It certainly gives us all something to strive for.

Although if you are going to try and drink a plane dry, just make sure you don’t get so wasted that you end up getting taped to a chair by the staff.


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