You Can Now Buy Pills That Let You Poop Colourful Glitter

Glitter Pills

Best Christmas present ever?

For some reason, a company has decided to start selling pills that make your shit turn glittery, so that when you take a dump it doesn’t look like a steaming turd but is instead all sparkling and fresh.

I’m not sure why anyone would want that to occur – I mean a turd’s a turd basically however you dress it up, right? – but if you head on over to glitter pills then you can pick up a pack just in time for Christmas. They come in a variety of different colours, including colourful ombre, elegant black and gold and some luscious red glitter that comes in a pink capsule.

Glitter Pills Poop

Bizarrely, even though the pills are being marketed as being able to turn your shit glittery, the store that is actually selling them is recommending not consuming them as they’re only intended for decorative purposes. As if eating a pill that made your shit turn into glitter didn’t sound dodgy enough, that’s probably the icing on the cake – I certainly won’t be buying them any time soon. If you do though, send us in some pictures of your poop – just like this Brazilian man with the most colourful poop in the world – as we would love to find out if they actually work and you don’t die or anything.


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