Piers Morgan Has Launched A Scathing Twitter Rant On Meghan Markle After Ofcom Verdict

Here we go again.

You might have expected Piers Morgan to leave his strange beef with Meghan Markle alone after he was found not to have broken broadcasting guidelines yesterday by Ofcom after saying he didn’t believe that she was suicidal, but that wouldn’t really be very Piers Morgan would it?

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No, instead the outspoken and anti woke TV presenter has  decided to massively lay into Markle via his Twitter account. Here’s what he had to say:

It’s funny how The Daily Mail says that Piers has won the war between the two of them, but judging by those comments again I don’t think that ‘the war’ is ever going to be over and neither of them even seem like they want it to be. It’s crazy to me how this is even one of the biggest news stories around and shows no signs of going away o because it’s so stupid and insignificant compared to Covid and Afghanistan and Sarah Everard and everything else that’s been happening this year.

So strange how it’s just blown up massively like that to be one of the biggest ‘celebrity’ feuds ever. Can’t they just leave each other alone and they’ll both be better off for it?

For more of the same, check out Piers slamming the first ever transgender Olympic athlete as well. Always with the hot take isn’t he?


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