Piers Morgan And Rudy Giuliani Had A Ridiculous Argument About Who Was The Biggest Loser

Car crash television.

Here’s one that’s a bit more lighthearted for you in the wake of everything awful that is currently happening in the United States/with the Coronavirus pandemic/anywhere you look.

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One of the strangest subplots of the Coronavirus pandemic – which almost seems like it’s forgotten in light of what’s happened in the last week – was Piers Morgan’s transformation from pantomime villain into national hero, but it’s good to remember that he’s still a disgraced journalist and a bit of a dickhead. He was reminded of this on Good Morning Britain today when he clashed with another man who has experienced a spectacular fall from grace, former Mayor Of New York and 2001 Time Person Of The Year Rudy Giuliani.

For those that don’t know, Giuliani has been limited to babbling on about conspiracy theories on low rent cable TV channels in recent years and when Morgan reminded him of this, the two cut into a beyond hilarious slanging match focussing on who the biggest loser was. Excellent:

Lol. That kinda sounds like two guys on the blow at about 1am arguing about absolutely nothing and not even listening to what one another are saying. I guess in Giuliani’s case this might actually have been true as it was 1am over there and it doesn’t really sound like he remembered what he had said less than a minute before or even knew what he was doing for the whole piece.Exactly what you want to wake up to on your television.

Well, whilst it is entertaining you kind of have to point out that we’re in the middle of one of the biggest mass protests against racism the world has ever seen and The last thing that GMB should be leading with is two old white men talking about this shit. Get educated and sort it out and stop perpetuating the stereotype.

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