Piers Morgan Ripped Into Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Just Four Minutes Into New Show

Of course he did.

I doubt anyone will be too surprised to hear the news that Piers Morgan used his new television show that premiered last night – the imaginatively named ‘Piers Morgan Uncensored’ – to rip into Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, clearly still upset that his criticism of their interview with Oprah Winfrey last year led to his firing from ‘Good Morning Britain’

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Piers Morgan referenced both of them during his opening monologue, where he explained that his mission with the show was to ‘cancel cancel culture’. Love that for him – what a hero and what a catchphrase.

Anyway, here’s what he had to say about it:

I promise to defeat this insidious, joyless societal scourge, with those most effective of democracy-preserving weapons – common sense, and truth.

And that’s the truth, by the way, not your truth. And definitely not Princess Pinocchio’s truth.

Viewers, I will always fight your corner and always have your back – unless you’re one of those illiberal liberals who want to wreck anyone with an opinion you’ve ruled as offensive.

I condemn those who have hounded good men and women out of their jobs and reputations because they tweeted something they didn’t like.

And what about those hypocritical celebrities who preach one thing, while doing the complete opposite themselves under the banner of promoting equality?

I think you know the type, right, your royal highness?

Lol. It’s kinda funny that Piers Morgan couldn’t even wait four minutes before mentioning Meghan and Harry, but I suppose that’s exactly what everyone who tuned in to watch his show was expecting from him and why I’m writing about him right now.

Whatever you say about Morgan though, he does usually deliver controversy – and by proxy, ratings as well – and opening up with something like this and a stupid interview with Donald Trump about his failure to accept the result of the last American election is certainly starting the ball rolling exactly how he wants it to. The guys know what he’ s doing, you gotta give him that. Sure they’ll be some more dumb shit like this coming on an almost weekly basis from now on. What a joy.

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