Piers Morgan Has Pointed Out The Problem With Boris Johnson’s 10PM Pub Curfew

Good point.

I imagine that most of the country is reeling at the fact that it looks like we’re heading into a second lockdown this morning, as more people are being encouraged to work from home and the rumours are swirling that a 10pm pub curfew will be imposed from Thursday in an announcement from Boris Johnson tonight.

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A lot of people are asking just what the point of a 10pm pub curfew is as it will probably just mean that people start drinking earlier and spend long in the pub as they normally would because they will know that they have to leave at 10pm, but Piers Morgan has a different take on it in an exchange with James O’Brien on Twitter. Here’s what the pair of them had to say:

Yeah, I think that’s probably true as well but I still don’t think that the 10pm curfew is particularly about stopping people from getting really drunk. I do agree that it probably helps maintain social distancing if people aren’t completely hammered, but I doubt it’s going to restrict the amount of time that people are actually in the pub as they’ll just head down earlier to get the same amount of drinking time in, and surely that’s the main issue here in regards to spreading the virus? The fact that they’re in the pub longer and therefore have more chance of catching the virus?

I guess we’ll see how it works at the weekend but I can imagine there are going to be a load of pictures of people in bars and pubs in the middle of the day looking pissed and then stumbling home at 10pm when Monday rolls around. Hopefully these  helps in some way though, but the fact that most of the precautions this government have issued so far have been completely useless, I sincerely doubt it. Maybe they’ll probe me wrong.

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