ITV Has Announced That Piers Morgan Has Left ‘Good Morning Britain’ For Good

See ya Piers.

In news that I can barely believe that I’m actually typing – it was only this morning that I was saying that I doubt there would be any repercussion from 41,000 people complaining to Ofcom about his conduct regarding Meghan Markle’s mental health and then walking off his own show today – ITV have announced that Piers Morgan has left ‘Good Morning Britain’.

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In an astonishing turnaround, it seems as though those Ofcom complaints, the social media outrage and his actions today have gravely reduced his currency with the TV network following his handling of the Coronavirus pandemic and the news was announced just now. Here’s the official statement from ITV and a couple of other different takes on it:


Kinda sounds to me like ITV would have fired him but gave him the opportunity to keep his dignity and walk away, but I doubt this is going to be the last that we hear from the guy – and everyone else involved – on this issue. Imagine a statement full of vitriol will be coming pretty soon from his Twitter account, but I think everyone can probably agree that it’s a surprising move from ITV considering he’s pretty much their main anchor for a lot of their shows. Really unbelievable news.

For more of the same, here’s that video of him walking off the show this morning. See ya Piers.


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