Piers Morgan Tipped For Knighthood And PM Role After Coronavirus Comments


Piers Morgan is being tipped to receive a knighthood thanks to his recent efforts to raise awareness on the seriousness of Covid-19 and the pressure he’s been putting on government. 

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The GMB presenter has won a lot of people over these last few weeks, even those who usually shit on him on Twitter every day.

Aside from criticising Boris Johnson’s vague lockdown laws, Piers this week also insisted that NHS workers shouldn’t have to pay parking fines and has offered to pay them all himself for as long as this crisis lasts:

I will say now, to any health worker during the future of this crisis, how ever long it lasts, if any of you get a parking ticket, at a hospital where you’re working, I will pay it for you.

I will pay it, and I will then go to the government, and have the battle, and you don’t get involved.

Send it in to Good Morning Britain, and I will pay it the parking ticket. If that’s what it takes.

As a result, the 54-year-old’s odds of being knighted by the end of 2025 went from 200/1 to 25/1 on Thursday, BoyleSports revealed. The odds of him becoming Prime Minister in the future were also slashed in half from 500/1 into 250/1.

Could either realistically happen? The knighthood wouldn’t shock me at all TBH because aside from all the coronavirus stuff (which even his biggest haters will admit he’s done a great job with), there’s also his many years of service to British TV and his unmatched knack for licking the Royal family’s butts and sticking up for them no matter what.

As for a PM role – if Donald Trump can become President of the USA, anything can happen. Pretty sure Trump’s odds were even lower than Piers’s at one point and look what happened. As much of a polarising figure as he is (which is exactly like every PM come to think of it), no doubt many would take Piers over Boris right now if they could.

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