Piers Morgan Called Katie Price A ‘Talentless Cretin’ To Her Face On Good Morning Britain

That’s not very nice.

Say what you like about Piers Morgan, no matter how much his guests, co-workers and audience despise him, he’s always happy to stir the pot even if it means getting owned on his own TV show.

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Earlier today he was interviewing Katie Price about her new TV show and couldn’t help but a few digs.

He starts by referring to the cast of Love Island as ‘talentless cretins who appear in reality TV shows’, adding: ‘which brings me neatly to our special guest Katie Price’.

Credit to Katie, she took it all on the chin:

Things went a bit off the rails when Piers ripped into her music career and the pair of them had a sing-off:

I guess you’ve got to have thick skin when there are vicious internet trolls out there circulating fake sex videos featuring you and your son.


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