Piers Morgan Has Demanded More From Boris Johnson’s Coronavirus Lockdown

He’s question what ‘essential work’ is should be defined as.

I didn’t really ever think that Piers Morgan would emerge as the hero that we need during the Coronavirus crisis, but here he is, calling out the government every chance he gets with their lack of communication and clarification on certain topics.

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We all know that Boris Johnson put the country into lockdown last night, but there were a couple of questions about the language he used, especially the fact that he said those carrying out ‘essential work’ should continue to go in and do it. The fact that companies like WH Smith and Sports Direct then announced that they would be staying open as they carried out ‘essential work’ didn’t sit right with too many people – is it really essential that people can go out and buy an old Jackie Collins novel or a humongous mug in these trying times? – and Piers highlighted this on ‘Good Morning Britain’ this morning by saying the following:

I’m not sure it has gone far enough, is construction an essential trade? Construction can wait.

Is Sports Direct an essential store to remain open?’

Also the fine if you offend, it’s £30 – somewhere like France, I think it’s €200 / €300 if you’re caught a second time it’s a thousand. For some people, I don’t think £30 is enough.

You can blame people the government and I have done repeatedly for not being clear enough and being ambiguous, but there has been a section of society who have been completely selfish with total disregard for not only them but other people.

If this today doesn’t tell them how serious it is I don’t know what will.

I mean Piers makes a lot of good points and he has the platform to do it, so fair play to him. Michael Gove actually came on the show later and said that Sports Direct wasn’t actually an essential service and they ended up announcing that they were shutting down all their stores in the country for the lockdown, so you can argue that he’s actually doing some good for once. Nice one.

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