VIDEO: Piers Morgan Gets Smashed With Cricket Balls By Brett Lee

Piers Morgan Brett Lee

What better late Christmas present then seeing Piers Morgan getting absolutely clobbered with cricket balls?

Piers Morgan is one of the biggest armchair critics out there and he’s been particularly scathing of some of the play during The Ashes this year, even though he hasn’t really got a clue how to play professional cricket. So former Australian fast bowler Brett Lee decided to call him out on it and challenged him to a session in the nets to show Morgan how tough the guys playing in The Ashes actually had it.

Despite the fact that Brett Lee is one of the fastest bowlers of all time, Piers Morgan still agreed to do it and seemed strangely confident that he would be able to absolutely smash him. Big mistake – all that happened was that Piers looked like a complete idiot as Lee clobbered him with fast bowls that generally just seemed to hit him in the face and make him fall over.

Basically, Piers Morgan looked like a complete and utter twat, but then again when doesn’t he? At least he was actually getting what he deserved for once this time.

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