Piers Morgan Apologises For Not Going In Harder On The Government After Dominic Cummings Testimony

Should woulda coulda.

The country has been enthralled by Dominic Cummings’ testimony today about the government’s handling of the Coronavirus pandemic as he pretty much confirmed what most of us expected by saying that they had absolutely no clue what they were doing throughout the whole situation.

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When it comes to Piers Morgan, it’s hard to believe given his recent stance on Meghan Markle and getting kicked off Good Morning Britain because of it, that he was edging towards national hero status last summer as he was the only news broadcaster that would actually directly question the government on why their response was so inept, so it’s no surprise that he’s reacted to the testimony today. Unsurprisingly, he wishes he could go back in time and berated them even more at the height of the lockdown:

Wow. Haven’t really agreed on much that Morgan has said in the past few months, but as soon as he’s back on rinsing the government then I’m right back with him. Shame he doesn’t have the platform that he once had so he could launch another scathing attack on them, but hopefully there will be some more gold coming out of his Twitter account in the next couple of days as the country navigates the fallout from Cummings’ explosive interview.

Sadly though, I doubt that anyone in the government will actually face any consequences from all this as that just doesn’t seem to be the way they operate, as Cummings well knows. Can get caught breaking all the rules, but it’s only when you diss Boris’ wife that you get shown the door.

For more of the same, check out Piers Morgan pointing out one of the problems with Johnson’s COVID policy back in September. Just common sense really.


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