Pictures Show Packed Buses And Trains As People Are Encouraged To Return To Work


People were officially encouraged to return to work today – at least we think – and even though they were encouraged not to use public transport, a bunch of pictures and videos have predictably emerged of packed trains and buses.

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Whilst it isn’t particularly useful to shame people for using public transport when they literally have no other way to get to their jobs that they’re being forced to return to despite safety precautions not being in place to practice effective social distancing, I do think that it’s important to draw attention to the fact that the government clearly hasn’t thought this through in any way shape or form and their dumb attempts to ‘Control The Virus’ is probably going to lead to more deaths and problems. Here’s a bunch of pictures etc:

To really drive this home, here’s RMT transport union General Secretary Mick Cash explaining that the government didn’t even bother to tell them that they were planning on releasing the lockdown:

We plan from next Monday to run at least 70% which would have made it a lot easier to deal with an increased passenger usage. The Government ahead of what we planned had decided to release lockdown and actually put more pressure on the rail and bus network.

We are deeply concerned that we are going to see a surge of passengers and it’s going to make the railway and buses less safe because of that.

Fantastic. Just try and stay safe I guess.

For more of the same, check out this viral Twitter thread that really explained what was going on during lockdown in this country. Far out.


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