Man Pretends His Dog Has Been ‘Badly Burned’; Tricks Over 110,000 People Into Sharing

He wasn’t burned, it was a piece of delicious ham on the dog’s face.

A guy called Stephen Roseman thought it would be a pretty funny prank to whack a piece of ham on his dog’s head and then do a Facebook post asking for likes and shares after saying he was badly burned in a fire.

And to be fair to the guy it was pretty funny because it was so obviously fake and a piece of ham but that didn’t stop over 100,000 people sharing the post so that the little doggy would receive over a million prayers for it, whatever that means.

Check out the post below:

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I mean it’s literally unbelievable to me that people could fall for that. Yeah, I know I have the benefit of the doubt of having already seen the headline and knowing that it’s a piece of ham, but seriously IT LOOKS LIKE A PIECE OF FUCKING HAM on his forehead, it’s ridiculous obvious.

Even discounting that, even though I’m by no means a burns expert I wouldn’t honestly think that just his head was burned during a house fire, it makes absolutely no sense. People are basically stupid. Get a load of these comments:

Ham Dog Comments 1

Get off the internet and get a clue people. Or if you’re going to do a Facebook prank, at least make it completely sick like this one.


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