This Account Exposing Instagram Models Who Photoshop Is Unreal

Not all heroes wear capes.

We all know that the stunners that show up on our timelines and search results usually have a bit of work done on their photos. Nobody is saying that a little Photoshop is necessarily a bad thing.

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However, this new Instagram account ‘@beauty.false’ shows just how shocking the levels of Photoshop on so many of these Instagram/internet models really is:

Some of those are just outrageous really. Big up @beauty.false for showing everyone the truth and hopefully the account can offer some perspective to any young girl out there who has had their self esteem wrecked by scrolling through photos of impossibly fit women all day.

Only question that remains is who are these ladies using for their Photoshops? Are they all using the same guy or do they each have their own individual Photoshop person on the payroll? Someone needs to make a ‘secret lives of Instagram models’ documentary and let us know what’s really going on.

For before & after photos of MMA fighters pre and post getting their faces smashed in, click HERE. No Photoshop needed.


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