Photos Show The North Korean Child Army Kim Jong-Un Is Preparing For War

Starting them young.

The tension between the US and North Korea has reached new heights over the past couple of weeks, and in the wake of this, both countries are using any means necessary to assert their power to one another.

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It looks like North Korea’s Kim Jong-un has taken a rather controversial new direction by declaring that the country is training its youngsters to get them ready for war.

Officials at a joint national meeting between the Korean Children’s Union (KCU) and the Victorious War Monument in Pyongyang have confirmed that their children are ready to fight in the event of a confrontation with the US. In a statement issued through the news agency KCNA, KCU said:

The youngsters will take arms and participate in the sacred war of revenge to clearly show the mettle of the true sons and daughters of the socialist motherland and juvenile revolutionaries.

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They really are starting them young. This statement is just the latest in a series of threats and pledges that show how willing and ready the country is to fight the US if it came to it. They’re so prepared that they’re even getting the local kids involved.

Here’s hoping that the tension is quashed before World War Three breaks out, but between Donald Trump’s arrogance and Kim Jong-un’s insanity, it’s not looking too hopeful right now.


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