A Photographer Waited Four Years To Get This Picture Of Kingfishers Shagging

Worth it.

Nature photography and documentary making is all about observing your subject and waiting for the right moment to capture the perfect scene and this can’t be illustrated any better than in the picture below which a nature photographer incredibly had to wait four years to nab.

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48 year old Calvin Laidlaw witnessed two kingfishers having sex four years ago, but wasn’t quick enough with his camera to get the shot. He had to wait an agonisingly long time until he saw it again, but this time he was ready and all his preparation paid off in the picture that you can see above you.

He also managed to get a couple of nice ones of them whilst they were mating. Here’s what he had to say about the journey to obtain these incredible photographs:

I was in a pop up hide next to the river which I have been pursuing for years and years, so I have done my homework.

Then I got the million dollar shot, which I have only ever seen happen once, four years ago.

You only have a second to react, so when that opportunity arrived I was really shocked and then it was all over super quick.

I’ve been watching this pair for the last two months but have only seen them paired up in the last three weeks and been out most mornings from 5am to get set up for the photograph.

I have been waiting to get this picture for years and it really is down to a bit of luck.

I can be out for eight hours a day and see nothing but that’s the beauty of this, you just don’t know when it’s going to happen.

I was absolutely shocked and surprised that I managed to capture it because it was so brief and I wasn’t expecting it.

It is very rare to see the pair as at this time of year and when they are mating.

Thanks for that Calvin. Sure you’re stoked to know that all your years of hard work have been rewarded with a post about it on Sick Chirpse where I say that the birds were shagging. Nice one.

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