Cecil The Lion’s Ex Has Moved On And Is Shagging A New Man



It’s been over a year since Cecil the Lion was shot and killed by an American trophy-hunter with a bow and arrow in Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park.

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The main worry for staff at the park was that Cecil’s pride – seven cubs and three lionesses – wouldn’t survive or be able to keep control of his territory without him.

Well, fear not because new photos from the park reveal that TWO of Cecil’s girlfriends have now accepted a new male to lead Cecil’s pride.

Here he banging one of them – looks like she’s enjoying it I think?


Professional guide Lewis Mangaba says:

The lion is known as Bhubhesi and has been pursuing the lionesses for more than a year, since after Cecil was killed.

Up until now there has been conflict between them. He has tried to steal their kills and they could not trust him.

The fact that they are now allowing him to mate with them, to be around their young means that there is an element of trust towards him to keep them safe.

It is unusual for a lioness to find a new mate within two years of losing their male, so this was unexpected.


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What a pair of lion slags eh? Cecil would be rolling around in his grave if he could see his old lovers now, hooking up with this chump Bhubhesi while he’s six feet under ground. Is this really what Cecil became a martyr for? I thought lions were big on ‘pride’ and all that but apparently all Cecil’s ex-wives are interested in some new lion dick. Disgraceful.

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