Photographer Captures People’s Disgusted Faces After Downing A Shot

Shot Face

Know anyone who pulls a face as bad as these?

Doing shots always comes with a price – they usually taste disgusting and you feel terrible the day after but that night you probably have one of the best times ever, even if you don’t remember it. Just ask the competitors in the 1989 Berlin drinking competition if you don’t believe us.

As you probably know though, taking a shot can often be hard work and usually causes you to make a pretty exasperated face afterwards. Photographer Tim Charles from London had an idea for a photo series showcasing said face and came up with the photos below which pretty much perfectly encapsulate the moment when you down that Sambuca/Tequila/Whiskey/whatever.

Gross, although nowhere near as gross as this guy who downed a whole bottle of vodka without even using his hands. Would love to see his shot face after that.

(Use the arrow keys to scroll through the slideshow)

Shot Faces 1

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