PHOTO: Adam Johnson Had A Messy All Night Party Days Before Facing His Jail Sentence

Adam Johnson party

One last blowout.

If you were about to face charges for child sex crimes, surely the best thing to do would be to lay low, say goodbye to your loved ones and mope about the fact that you have royally fucked your life up. That is, unless you are Adam Johnson.

Instead of spending time with his daughter and ex-girlfriend, he spent the night having a boozy party at his £1.5 million mansion in County Durham. He is currently banned on leaving the property between 7pm and 7am while on bail so I guess he thought, why not bring the party to him?

By the looks of things it was a pretty messy one, as one ropey girl emerged from the house barefooted with a bottle of booze in her hand.

An onlooker said:

The woman had her shoes off and a bottle of booze in her hand.

She was clearly wearing the same clothes she had on the night before.

She and a male pal waltzed down to the gates and were pressing every button in a bid to get out. They were there for a couple of minutes trying to figure it out.

Johnson’s dad Dave then came out and opened the gates for them. The girl just walked off in her bare feet. She looked a little worse for wear.

Girl from party

Obviously Johnson is getting a lot of stick for boozing it up when he should be spending time with his family. But to be fair, he has just been dumped by his girlfriend Stacey Flounders after it was found he was messaging four women including the underage girl. In addition, he was recently sacked by Sunderland AND could face up to ten years in jail for sexual activity with a 15-year-old. I know it’s all his own wrong doing but I guess with all that going on he probably just wanted to get mega fucked and forget about things.

Still, it’s probably not going to help the whole ‘Justice for Johnson’ Facebook support case. Although I don’t think that was ever going to be popular amongst anyone aside from his sister anyway.


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