Man’s Phone Gets Sucked Out Of Plane Window While The Record Button Was On (VIDEO)

Phone fall from plane


A video of a Samsung Galaxy S5 falling from a plane and surviving has emerged online.

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The video was posted on YouTube by the phone owner’s nephew, Robert Ryan, who explained that his uncle, Blake Henderson, was the guy who dropped it when his small plane hit turbulence.

The footage starts with a view of two aircrafts up in the air, when suddenly the phone plummets towards the earth from a height of 1,000ft, showing a blur of green and blue.

Despite the video being over 11 minutes long, it only takes 17 seconds for the phone to fall to earth. The rest of the footage shows the phone resting in someone’s back garden, waiting to be found. Amazingly, the phone survives the fall and continues to film as the confused homeowners finally discover it.

Incredible. It almost seems unbelievable that a phone could survive such a fall, but the fact that it’s a Samsung seems a little bit more plausible. If the story had said it was an iPhone there’s no way I’d believe it. I only have to look at my iPhone and it breaks.

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