Phone Footage Shows The Truly Disturbing Effects Of Spice Addiction

Spice video

Synthetic substance.

A video has emerged online show the moment a cyclist stumbled upon a drug user whilst travelling home.

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The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, was riding back from a relative’s house over in Cambridge at around 2am on 28th August when he heard something strange. He said:

I began hearing someone shout, and they were saying ‘mummy, mummy, help, help’.

Him and his sister went to check and what they discovered was a woman totally off her face on the synthetic weed, Spice. Although he was “really disturbed”, the man and his sister called for help.

It’s pretty worrying that any drug would have that affect on someone – she seems totally out of it, even more so than people on heroin or crack. Basically, if you ever come across this drug, don’t take it. Spice is not so nice.

To read an ex-Spice addict’s account of the disgusting high you get from the drug, click HERE.


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