Phil Mitchell Buying Fish And Chips On His Moped Is The Best Thing Ever

Phil Mitchell Fish And CHips

He’s just like you and me.

Phil Mitchell might seem like a larger than life character when in ‘Eastenders’, but it turns out that the actor that plays him – Steve McFadden – is just the same as everyone else out there.

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That’s because he was papped on Saturday riding his moped to pick up some fish and chips for his dinner. He certainly stood out on the streets of North London in his fluorescent jacket, as he rode around on his moped to the chippy to pick up two big bags of food for him and his family.

He then proceeded to hang them off the handlebars before driving home to consume them. What a Saturday night he must have had:

Phil Mitchell 2 Phil Mitchell 1

Wild. I suppose you don’t expect anything less from Phil Mitchell though. Absolute legend.

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