Hardman Phil Mitchell Just Became Godfather To A Bunch Of Super Cute Baby Penguins

Phil Mitchell penguins

The hardman of Walford’s gone soft.

Steve McFadden might spend most of his career playing hardman Phil Mitchell, but in real life he’s just a proper softie. At least he is if this story is anything to go by.

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During his break from ‘Eastenders’ he spent some time checking out the wildlife at the National Sea Life Centre in Birmingham and has even become godfather to two adorable rare baby penguins. Too cute.

baby penguin chick

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As part of his duty as the Codfather, Steve will help name the little chicks once the centre figures out what sex they are, which doesn’t become obvious until they have a blood test at three months old. Please, please, please let them turn out to be male so he can call them Phil and Grant.

The actor was asked to take on the responsibility after he visited the centre at the start of the year with his family and pictures of him posing next to the penguins and giant sea turtle (predictably) went viral.

It’s a far cry from his normal job, snarling and punching his way around Walford. One thing’s for sure – with Phil Mitchell watching their back, there’s no way anyone’s going to mess with these chicks.

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