Leaked Eastenders Plot Teaser Suggests Phil Mitchell Will Die On Christmas Day


Worst Christmas ever.

Every year, the ‘Eastenders’ Christmas special is packed full of action, and every year someone dies. It’s just tradition.

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However, the recently released teaser trailer seems to heavily imply that this could be the final run from the UK’s favourite alcoholic, Phil Mitchell. I know, I know – I’m sure most of us don’t want to believe it’s true. But just watch this:

It certainly seems that way. Phil’s looking particularly jaundice and he even says that it’s going to be his last Christmas. I don’t even watch ‘Eastenders’ and even I’m upset about this news. Phil Mitchell is a true national treasure, even if he is a fictional character.

The only positive spin I can put on this is that if he really was going to die on the Christmas special, surely the BBC wouldn’t include this tidbit in the advert? That would be too obvious. So perhaps they’re leading us to believe that he will die, when in fact, they flip the script and he makes a miraculous recovery. Here’s hoping.

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