Petrol Station Worker Gets Fired After Note To Boss Goes Viral

This worker knew he would get fired if he told his boss off in a letter, but he didn’t give a crap and did it anyway.

Joe Blumm from West Michigan had had enough of his boss at the BP petrol station and decided to let her know, by writing her a passive aggressive note. He figured he would probably get fired if he did it, but he was so sick of her shit that he did it anyway.

The incident that tipped him over the edge occurred after he had been working the night shift at the petrol station and his boss never showed up to take over from him in the morning, which you can understand might really piss you off. Joe waited around for an hour and then decided to lock the place up and leave a passive aggressive note in the window. He predicted that he would likely be fired for his actions saying in the note ‘fire me if you must’ and placing a pre-emptive help wanted sign in the window as well.

Joe was fired on Friday, but not before someone snapped a picture of his note and posted it on Reddit, turning him into a (very) minor internet celebrity. He’s hoping that his vague fame will enable him to get a better job – although unless there’s a job where you can write passive aggressive notes to people it sounds to me like he’ll be fresh out of luck.

Explaining his actions he stated that: ‘I know I struck a chord with a lot of disgruntled low paid employees who get the short end of the stick. I had it. I had enough of that unprofessional atmosphere, having to deal with that tardiness and have it come down on me.’ Damn – sounds like he was really mad.

His boss declined to comment, although did say she was late into work on Thursday but that Blumm hadn’t tried to contact her before he left the petrol station. We know who we’re believing.

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