Pete Davidson Sparks Outrage With ‘Gay Dude’ Joke On His New Netflix Special

Does this joke offend you?

Pete Davidson’s new stand-up special arrived on Netflix this week and there’s one joke in particular that seems to have rubbed up a section of the internet the wrong way.

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Honestly, I don’t see what the big deal is but I’m just a lowly straight guy so what do I know? See what you think for yourself:

I don’t think Davidson is one of the top comedians out there but that was pretty funny, right? Apparently not according to some people, who found the joke “extremely damaging” and all the rest of it:

There are a bunch of people defending Davidson and even women claiming they can relate to what Davidson is saying (although obviously not generalising that as standard gay man behaviour). I think sometimes when you want to make a joke you have to make generalisations. If it’s funny and told properly then anyone with a brain knows that it’s just a comedy routine, not an actual belief the comedian holds.

Maybe these perpetually outraged Tweeters have their hearts in the right place, but it’s still so cringey to see them make such a big deal over a joke. Let comedians do their jobs and be funny and even if they say something you don’t like – just STFU and ignore it. Trying to kick off some kind of social media pile-on or outrage just makes the situation worse any way you look at it.

P.S. That’s not to say Pete Davidson isn’t a little bit of a dick though – remember the time he made his audience sign a $1million NDA to watch his stand-up show? Yikes.


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