PETA Encourages People To Go Vegan By Serving Them Dog’s Milk


Leave the dogs out of this.

Imagine you’d just necked a glass of cool, delicious milk, only to find out that it had come from a dog. Well that’s pretty much what happened to these participants, who were unlucky enough to take part in a secret PETA campaign.

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At first they seem to enjoy the “sweet” taste of the drink, but as soon as they’re told where the milk came from, their faces start change:

Obviously this was all just a big prank, but it still goes to show that PETA will stop at anything to get their ideals out there. In this case they’re trying to challenge people’s attitudes to milk and encourage them to go vegan. When are they going to realise that shock tactics make people angry – if anything, it has the opposite effect of what they’re trying to achieve.

For more on PETA, check out the time they staged human executions in Trafalgar Square. Chill out guys.


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