PETA Put This Billboard Outside A Seafood Restaurant But Got Brutally Owned In Retaliation


If you play with fire, you’re going to get burned.

It seems like vegans and vegetarians haven’t yet realised that the best way to get people on their side is to take a non militant/confrontational approach as they’re still pulling bullshit like deliberately targeting restaurants that serve meat or whatever products they’re going after this week.

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You might have thought that by now they would have realised that this doesn’t work and just antagonises the carnivorous section of society even more, but still they can’t seem to help themselves as stories like this one seem to keep appearing. We’re in Maryland for it, where PETA thought that it would be a good idea to specifically attack Jimmy’s Famous Seafood restaurant with the following billboard erected right next to it:


Now whilst I understand vegan arguments etc, I don’t think it’s that cool that they’re deliberately targeting one restaurant that a lot of people obviously have their livelihood wrapped up in. And clearly Jimmy’s Famous Seafood Restaurant didn’t either, as over the past six months they’ve launched a veritable hate campaign against PETA which has included erecting their own sign as well as the following fairly brutal Twitter attacks as well:

Yeah doesn’t really sound like they’re going to take this one lying down as they keep taking pops at PETA at random points over the past six months as well as putting up a billboard. And it’s hard to argue with those facts as well.

I think it just goes back to my original point, that people are going to get more triggered when you attack their livelihoods and lifestyles. If vegans/vegetarians just go about promoting their own lifestyle and not attacking anyone else’s then I think they’ll get a lot further than they have done via these methods. Just an idea.

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