PETA Are Trying To Campaign Against Warhammer Models Having Drawn On Fur


Taking it too far yet again.

Animals rights activists do have a point. After all, nobody needs the guilt of knowing a random bunny had some shampoo swabbed into their eyes just so we could wash our hair and the likes – it’s more than a bit unnecessary. Campaigning against things that cause inhumane suffering to our creature pals is all well and good but when no real life animals are actually being harmed, then what’s the point?


The ever-infuriating PETA are at it once again, this time targeting Games Workshop for their fur-wearing Warhammer figurines. If they were wearing genuine fur, then this would make sense, as owning toys containing real animal pelts is a bit fucking extra, but the plastic models in question merely have their furs painted on. Whilst scrolling through an endless stream of fan taken photos on Flickr to use in this article, it’s pretty obvious that the majority of the models available don’t noticeably even have a fake fur design. Talk about picking your battles.



“While we appreciate that they are fictional,” a spokesperson for the company explained, “draping them in what looks like a replica of a dead animal sends the message that wearing fur is acceptable.”

This is coming from the very same organisation that has a web page dedicated to stylish faux fur options, which surely promotes the controversial use of fur way more than a painted figurine. Nobody can recall the last time a nerd has rocked up anywhere in an animal pelt anyway, except maybe to LARP.

No wonder this vegan woman was denied a Swiss passport for being annoying – she was probably running around snatching Warhammer pieces from the locals.


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