Pervert School Kids Made Their Teacher Eat The Most Disgusting ‘Frosting’ Imaginable


Food technology 101.

Whilst I’m fairly sure that many people have probably thought that it would be really funny if they spunked off into some food and then made someone else eat it unknowingly, I doubt that too many have actually ever had the guts to do it because it’s downright disgusting, rude, and not actually that amusing when you think about it.

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Two 15-year-old kids over at Westside High School in Omaha had no such doubts regarding the level of humour of their idea and decided to go through with it last week. The two boys jerked off into containers then added their spunk to the frosting that they had made on their turnovers in their home economics class.

The female teacher who they then proceeded to feed them to during the taste test thought that there was something wrong with them, but was only alerted to the truth after another student dobbed them in after he overheard them bragging about it. Kinda conflicted on that one as nobody likes a telltale, but this probably is gross enough that they actually deserved to be ratted on.

Now the two students face disturbing the peace charges and their cases will be handled in juvenile court. Westside spokeswoman Brandi Petersen said the following:


The students will face consequences.

District officials are working with Omaha police to determine what, if any, criminal citations are issued.

The incident is not representative of Westside schools or students.

We do not tolerate anything of this nature.

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Well it kinda sounds like it is representative of your school because it happened in it, but I’m sure everyone can appreciate it’s an isolated incident. Of course, I doubt anyone in the area is ever going to forget about it anytime soon because it’s just such a great way to diss that school. Look for attendances to drop over the next couple of years.

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