Amazing Video Of Peruvian Cops Dressed As Santa Claus & An Elf Busting A Drugs Ring

UK police need to step their game up.

An anti-drug police squad have successfully pulled off a drugs raid that led to several arrests in Lima, Peru, all while dressed as Santa Claus and an elf.

The festive officers arrived in an undercover van last Sunday dressed in their disguises, with flak jackets hidden underneath, before smashing into the house with a sledgehammer. Just like Santa Claus!

Amazing. The funniest part is that it seems as though they could have done this raid in uniform as normal. So why the need to disguise themselves as Father Christmas and an elf? Just for the fuck of it and to “add an element of surprise”, apparently:

Brilliant. I suppose you would be surprised if two dudes dressed as Santa and an elf smashed their way into your home, threw you onto the ground and dragged you off to jail. And just imagine when word gets around the Peruvian jails? These drug dealers are going to be bantered into oblivion!

Watching this, you really get the sense that UK police need to step their game up. I mean you see police officers everywhere in Britain and they all look exactly the same. This is the first video I’ve ever seen of Peruvian police and they’re busting a drugs ring while looking like they’re dropping off presents on Christmas morning. That’s how you do it!

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