Rebecca Black – the girl who brought us so many lolz with Friday – is back with a (slightly better) new song called Person of Interest revolving around a guy stealing her heart at the arcade.

Rebecca BlackPerson of Interest. Remember when the internet went crazy because of Rebecca Black’s dumbass video to Friday? You know the one ‘Friday, Friday gotta get down on Friday, everybody’s looking forward to the weekend, weekend’ that featured some of the crazy decisions a 13 year old had to make in day to day life, like which seat she had to take in her little buddy’s car on the way to school. Yeah, apparently 13 year old’s drive cars now. Well anyway, Rebecca Black is back with a new music video for the song person of interest! I’m sure NONE OF YOU can contain your excitement.

Apparently Rebecca Black had another new music video before this called ‘This is My Moment’ which I guess I missed but is probably kind of cool because you know, Rebecca Black is da shit dawg. This one is called ‘Person of Interest’ and revolves around there being a crime on the dancefloor and Rebecca Black claiming that the guy she’s crushing on is a person of interest in this misdemeanour. I’m not really sure why she would be singing about a guy who was a crime on the dancefloor being a person of interest, I mean surely that would mean they were a crappy dancer? Oh wait, I listened to it a bit more and there are a couple of lines – ‘there’s a chalkline on the dancefloor in the shape of my heart’ and ‘Can’t deny that you’re implicated in the mayhem in my mind’ – that make the whole concept seem a LITTLE clearer to me and also underpin a good sense of irony and maturity in Rebecca Black’s lyrics considering she is so young. Oh wait, she probably didn’t write the lyrics to person of interest, I forgot.

The video fore person of interest is kind of cool as well as Rebecca Black hangs out in an arcade with a Justin Bieber lookalike whilst simultaneously shouting at a policeman outside who is trying to get a description of the person of interest. There’s a police line do not cross tape outside the arcade too which kind of implies something creepy has gone down, and that maybe Rebecca Black is the person of interest herself or certainly that she is at least implicated in the crime on the dancefloor! I was on the edge of my seat throughout the person of interest video to see if Rebecca Black was guilty or not, or if there was even going to be a twist at the end like so many classic pop videos. There was kind of, but i’ll let you sit through the video to discover that.

Person of interest features all of the hooks that made Rebecca Black such an instant hit when Friday first came out i.e. repeating stupid lyrics over and over again – ‘Person of Interest’ must have been said about 30 times and the first verse is definitely going for the record in how many times a person can say ‘I like it’ in a first verse. Yet despite this person of interest actually has some quite good faux early Britney Spears/Maroon 5 disco beats backing it up and a strong catchy chorus that isn’t exactly as stupid (or quite so autotuned) as Friday, but will the song actually make people like Rebecca Black? Probably not, but I guess it’s a step in the right direction and in my eyes at least Rebecca Black will at least always be better than Tonje Langeteig.

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