This ‘Period Explosion’ Just Happened In Central London (VIDEO)


Extremely weird.

One thing when you’re a guy that you can’t really make fun of a girl for is their period pains, because it seems like they’re absolutely horrific and there’s no way that you’re ever really going to experience what they have to go through, so I’m kinda surprised that anyone would actually agree to make this prank.

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The prank basically involves a woman walking around on the streets of central London asking anyone if they have a spare tampon whilst she’s cramping up. This goes on for a while in a painfully cringeworthy build up – which isn’t really helped by the woman not being that great an actor – before she eventually explodes and spews blood all over the street from her vagina.

Everybody just kinda ends up looking bemused because it’s so obviously fake, there’s no obvious reaction of how to act in this situation, it just comes across as being kind of weird:

Yeah, not really sure about that one because nobody is even laughing or screaming or anything, they’re just kinda freaked out by it in a puzzled way. Not really sure what that woman was doing cleaning it up at the end either – did she actually think it was real? Is there any way that could have been real?

I suppose this might help raise some awareness amongst people about period pains, but really it just comes across as kind  of silly and dumb. Back to the drawing board guys.

For more periods, check out this woman who collected her period blood and turned it into an art project. Perhaps that was slightly more useful than this prank.


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