Buyers Of New ‘Emotional Robot’ Pepper Made To Sign Contract Promising They Won’t Have Sex With It

Does it even have holes?

Back in June we wrote about Pepper — the £1000 humanoid robot (plus £250 a month in data/fees) released in Japan that sold out within a minute of going on sale.

It’s now been revealed that the creators of Pepper made buyers sign an agreement that forbids them from ‘having sex’ with the robots, creating ‘sexy apps’ for it or reprogramming it to stalk people.

Japan-based SoftBank included the clause in the ownership contract that says using the robot for ‘the purpose of sexual or indecent behaviour’ breaks the rental agreement.

Eventually roboticists insist that robots will live alongside humans, with machines like Pepper already able to mimic human behaviour such as empathy and even love.

So far the only problem they’ve had is people sticking a wig on Pepper and reprogramming the iPad around its neck to give it ‘virtual breasts’ which makes the robot shake its hips and moan when touched. Those people defended themselves by saying it was “for the purposes of testing sexual harassment”… right:

Pepper 1

Pepper 2

I guess if there’s anywhere you’re going to need a contract to ensure people don’t have sex with robots, it’s Japan. Those fuckers are at the forefront of having sex with robots. In fact Japanese people will pretty much stick their dicks in anything. So yeah not being funny SoftBank but maybe your first mistake was releasing Pepper in Japan instead of someone where they respect the sanctity of robots.

P.S. Maybe SoftBank know for a fact that people are going to have sex with Pepper, so they just made this agreement to make it seem extra taboo and exciting? That’s a genius marketing move if I ever saw one.


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