People Want To Know Why Area 51 Is More Protected That The Capitol Building

Good question.

Cast your mind back to 2019 – I know, it seems like a long time ago – and you’ll probably remember when a Facebook post encouraging people to storm Area 51 in September of that year went massively viral all over the world. ‘They can’t get us all’ or something was the tagline.

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Anyway, nothing actually happened and only about 75 people turned up for the event in the end, but in the run up there was a lot of serious talk from the US government as they literally threatened to shoot dead anyone that tried to get into the facility. If I remember correctly, the FBI and some riot police even turned up on the actual day as well, even though they didn’t end up being needed.

So given the events of January 6th and the attempted coup on the Capitol Building, the internet has demanded to know why Area 51 is seemingly more protected than the centre of democracy in the greatest country in the world. It’s worth remembering that the protests/attempted coup/whatever you want to call it was organised on the internet beforehand and tweeted by Donald Trump himself, so there’s no real reason why they couldn’t have been stopped/discouraged the other day in a similar manner to the Area 51 fiasco.

Clearly though, the internet wasn’t happy about this and demanded answers:

Yeah, I kinda think that the obvious takeaway from this is that the cops were in on it and let them storm the Capitol Building – there are even a bunch of videos pretty much backing this up – but I do like that one guy’s take saying that there was something way more important hiding in there and that’s why it went down like this. Always thinking.

One takeaway we can get from this though is that Trump – or the next Donald Trump character – just needs to tell his supporters that the lost votes or whatever are hidden inside Area 51 and then we’ll finally discover the truth. It’s that easy seemingly.

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