Alien Hunter Finds A UFO At Area 51 Using Google Earth

The truth is out there.

There’s been a whole load of talk about Area 51 in the past few weeks due to the ‘Storm Area 51’ Facebook event that went viral and now one guy reckons that he’s already solved the mystery of what’s going on there and he did simply by checking Google Earth.

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Alien hunter Scott Waring reckons that he found a spaceship at Area 51 by comparing old maps from Google Earth. There’s a circular object that’s over 100 feet wide seen in an image from 2010, but if you look at a later picture the circular object is gone and replaced by a massive hangar hooked up to a bunch of boxes that look like air conditioners. Pretty suspicious.

Waring does a better job of explaining it all in the video below, where you can also see the images in question:


Well, I suppose the guy does have a point because that is an unidentified object, but I’m not really sure if the fact that he’s managed to find it does anything to progress the whole debate over Area 51 and what exactly is going on there other than to just be like ‘oooooh it’s a spaceship’ or whatever. Still, with Area 51 fever at its peak, I’m sure we’ll be seeing even more of these dumb theory videos floating around over the next couple of weeks. Great.

For more of the same, check out this stark warning from he government about anyone attempting to storm Area 51. Not a good idea.


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