People On Twitter Are Saying That Ian Huntley Has Contracted Coronavirus


There aren’t too many people in this country that can claim to be almost universal figures of hatred, but one of them is definitely the Soham murderer Ian Huntley, who has been rotting in jail since 2004.

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However, it seems like nobody is safe from Coronavirus and reports are coming in on Twitter that Huntley has now contracted the virus and is fighting for his life. The news seems to have originated with the following tweets:

There isn’t anything else on the internet about it, so it could just be a giant hoax from these two accounts – not really sure where they’re hearing it from or why their source is so reliable – but it seems to be spreading around Twitter and people seem to be believing it. Hopefully we’ll have some confirmation from whatever prison he’s being held in sooner rather than later. He doesn’t look too healthy in that picture anyhow, but again who knows when that is from?

For more of the same, check out reports about huntley having a transgender girlfriend called Luna in prison. Crazy.


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