People On Twitter Are Losing It Over A TikTok Of A Humongous Baby


If there’s one thing that’s probably helped everyone get through this period in lockdown more than anything else, it’s the abundance of memes and dumb TikTok challenges that have all emerged that we can all join together in solidarity and laugh about.

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The latest one of these involves an absolutely gigantic baby that is bouncing up and down on his father’s chest and looks like he’s going to crush him at any minute due to how massive he is. Normally everyone is always banging on about how cute and awesome babies are, but I’m not gonna lie when I say that this is kinda disturbing and grotesque and pretty much the whole of Twitter are behind my evaluation of it as well:

Whoa. I mean I don’t wanna rinse someone’s baby because the kid is obviously their pride and joy, but it’s kinda hard not to get a bit freaked out by it when it looks big enough to almost be a young adult. Hopefully they haven’t been too affected by it and it goes on to become a wrestler or a basketball player once this has all blown over and not some kind of giant baby that destroys the world or whatever.

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