People Are Trolling This Rich White Kid’s TikTok About His Experience At NYU

Oh God.

I’m still not sure how TikTok has managed to become one of the biggest apps in the world as it seems like it’s literal purpose is to have people upload themselves being their most moronic, but this is just what the world is like in 2020 I suppose.

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The latest idiot to go viral and be completely called out for sharing his rich naive white kid energy with the rest of the world is the guy you can see below who decided to upload a TikTok about his wonderful educational experience at NYU and to say that it reeks of white privilege would be an understatement.

Of course, people weren’t happy that he managed to travel all over the world for his university course, study seemingly useless subjects, receive all his dream internships AND walk into the job of his dreams in the city after his time at university, so were quick to call him out on the fact that all of this had probably only happened because he had rich, connected parents. Here are a few highlights:

Not really sure how to react to this. On the one hand, I’m not sure we should be belittling this guy for having a wonderful university experience and wanting to do a TikTok about it, but on the other he’s so out of touch with how unaffordable and out of reach his opportunities have been for the majority of the population that he probably needs to be brought down to Earth.

Think he probably deserves the hounding, maybe he’ll quit his job in the city and go work for a charity or something after seeing it, instead of blissfully telling people about how great is life is with absolutely no idea why this is the case. Yeah, right.

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