People Think That Mesut Ozil Is Injured Because He’s Addicted To Fortnite

The addiction is real.

Whenever anyone talks about Arsenal, the conversation will always find its way around to Mesut Ozil and whether or not he’s actually good for the team, works hard enough and should even be in the team.

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After a couple of cracking wins in which Ozil didn’t play – either because he was dropped or had that phantom ‘back’ injury that keeps flaring up whenever he’s not in the team – one fan theory is doing the rounds claiming that Ozil is in fact legitimately injured and it’s all because he’s addicted to Fortnite. Here’s the transcript of it all:

I mean that isn’t a bad theory at all when you think about it is it? We all know how addictive Fortnite can be – even if you’ve never played it then you’ve read at least one story about a marriage breaking down because of it or kids and their parents absolutely hating each other because of it – and if these stats about Ozil are true, then it makes a pretty believable story.

Of course, the alternative is that he doesn’t run around enough or track back enough and is lazy, and that could also be the case – but given how well he was playing earlier in the season and how he was captain of the team, I’m not sure if the same old stories about Ozil are adding up. Fortnite addiction is a new one in the bizarre football injuries list and I kinda like it. Watch this space.

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