People Think That The Gatwick Airport Drone Attack Was An Inside Job


A disgruntled former employee could be to blame.

The Gatwick Drone Attack is one of the dumber moments in the recent history of this country – oh wait it actually wasn’t that dumb when you compare it to anything to do with Brexit, the current political climate, etc etc but you get what I’m saying – and it turns out that the cops reckon now that it was an inside job by a disgruntled employee.

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I suppose that this is preferable for it being that easy to shut down one of the biggest airports in the country in terms of potential terrorist attacks, but also kind of worrying because there’s probably going to be a load of disgruntled employees from that airport in the future. Police gathered this information from 130 key witnesses and 1000 door to door interviews with people in the area.

The key piece of information that is indicating to the police that it was an inside job is that the drones were flown in front of an area in front of air traffic controllers in an area where mobile phones were banned so they couldn’t photograph or film it. One source told them the following:


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[The drone pilot] knew the blind spots for it, where it could not be “hit”.

It was clearly someone with really good knowledge of Gatwick, someone who had worked there.

Hypothetically it could have been a disgruntled employee.

I mean that’s quite a jump but I suppose it does make sense. It’s kind of crazy that the police are still none the wiser about who was behind them considering the chaos they caused and how long ago they happened. Fifty officers are said the be working on the investigation but there’s still no sign of when any potential culprit might be identified.

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