People Think That This 100% Real Sky News Clip Is A ‘Brass Eye’ Style Spoof

MArtin Brunt

Literally unbelievable.

Back in the late 90s, Chris Morris did a brilliant job of satirising the news with the legendary show ‘Brass Eye’. Judging by the clip below though, in 2016 Morris is no longer needed as the news is doing a great job of satirising itself.

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In the clip that was broadcast on Sky News this morning, presenter Martin Brunt is wandering around a church discussing the recent terror attack that went down in France leaving a priest dead and several churchgoers injured. The presenter comments on the lack of security at the church and then drops one of the all time great clangers to end the ridiculously over sensationalised report:

Wow. I literally can’t believe he said that and without a hint of irony at all. Top class journalism/broadcasting there from Sky News, really killing it in 2016. Hopefully this will provide the template for all future news bulletins on the channel.

For more Chris Morris (even though this wasn’t really anything to do with him), check out his latest project here.


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