People Are Shocked To Discover How Expensive The Food Is At Salt Bae’s Restaurant

This ie legitimately insane.

Everyone knows viral chef Salt Bae and I assume that most of us would think that his restaurant would be a high end/classy affair, but I’m not sure if anyone would be able to believe just how expensive it is out there.

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Bae (yeah, I’m just calling him Bae, what of it?) opened up a new joint in Dallas over the weekend and a couple of his performance videos went viral after he fed steak to some dude’s girlfriend who looked like she was really enjoying it whilst he looked on in horror. The real news though was when someone uploaded a receipt from their meal onto Twitter and people really started kicking off about how outrageously expensive a night out there was:

Get a load of this:

Yeah, I don’t care how good your food is and whether or not Bae up there is going to be sprinkle seasoning over it or whatever, I just do not think I could bring myself to spend $15 on a few french fries – you know you’re probably going to get about 15 of them, max – or $1000 on a steak FFS. Even if it is a Tomahawk, that’s way too much if you’re asking me. People that spend that kind of money on one night out are absolutely insane. I won’t be attending.

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